Hello! I'm a Professional Astrologer with various services available for your different needs. I use astrology to add depth to your understanding and experience of your life. Astrology can guide you through the different phases of your growth and cycles of changes. On a practical level, it can serve as a guiding tool for the many decisions you have to make. It can help you plan out your days, months, and years. It can serve as a supportive structure for mindful living. It can illuminate our relationship dynamics. It can help repair/move forward in the circumstances we find ourselves in. Astrology can help make meaning of the joys and pains of being human. It can show you your thresholds and ways through healing. It's a tool that can connect you to something larger than yourself. The kind of transformation that can be available to you, through the wisdom of astrology, and therefore through an honest understanding of yourself, is truly what I believe to be the kind of healing our world desperately needs.

Here are some example questions to ask during a Birth Chart Reading session:

  • What kind of work best matches my interests so I can live a more meaningful and purposeful life?

  • How should I best spend my daily life so I’m more connected to feeling more calm and grounded?

  • What kinds of relationships fulfill my romantic needs and wants?

  • How does my relationship to my childhood and families of origin inform my current way of being?

  • What kinds of role in groups best matches my personality in my friendships and community that supports my sense of belonging?

  • What are my repeated behaviours and patterns that function as obstacles to my inevitable growth and development?

  • How can I best move forward from pain, loss and suffering?

  • What is my conflict style and how can I best manage conflicts in my life?

  • What kinds of self-care strategies make me feel most nurtured and rested?

  • What are useful and pleasurable creative outlets I should explore?

  • How can I best manage my finances?

  • What kinds of physical, mental and emotional therapeutic regimens I can try out to help me feel more healthy holistically?

  • What belief systems would best support my exploration of my spiritual connection and well being?

Feel free to read all about me, explore my offerings and get in touch if you have any questions!