charm torres

I am a professional astrologer with an active client practice since September 2017. I started formal studies in 2016 and completed 4 Levels of curriculum in 2018 on the foundations of astrology, modern predictive techniques and synastry with Julia Beyer, a local Toronto astrologer and tarot reader for over 30 years. I also graduated and studied the Tarot with her. I am a current advanced student from 2017-present of Julie Simmons, local Toronto astrologer for over 40 years, where I received monthly professional development and peer supervision. In 2018, I enrolled in the Hellenistic Astrology course by Chris Brennan and supplementing my course with Demetra George’s materials. I have also taken courses offered online by Austin Coppock and Adam Sommer from 2018-present. In 2019, I enrolled in the Locational Astrology course with Moses Siregar III. Finally, I serve as a board member of Astrology Toronto from 2018-present, a non-profit organization serving the Toronto astrological communities since 1991.

I have a professional background and current practice as a Registered Nurse in Ontario, Canada and completed a Bachelor in Sciences in Nursing degree in 2008. My current work in Toronto, Ontario, Canada focuses mostly in community healthcare with centralized experiences in sexual and reproductive health, sexualized and intimate partner violence care, harm reduction, mental health care, newcomer/migrant health and LGBTQ2SI+ primary care. My cumulative professional experience in providing trauma informed health care enables me with ongoing competency in providing psychosocial and counselling support. Care has truly been the central theme of all of my life's work.

I aim to be useful in helping people navigate through life's cycles and changes. I also seek clients who inevitably teaches me. I wish to be a humble guide and witness as you explore your connection to astrology and how it can be of service towards your own unfolding. Connect with me.